Praise & Worship Ministry

Leading our church in genuine, life-giving praise & worship through Gospel-centered choruses and hymns!

 For God's Glory and Our Joy in Christ!

At Monument Hill Church, worship is an integral part of what we do. We believe worship is an essential part of the Christian life for all believers, and that music is one tool we can use to voice our love for God. The Bible supports the idea of expressive and enthusiastic worship, so we wholeheartedly pursue connecting with God in this way. While we believe everyone can experience God's presence in their own lives, we realize that corporate worship as a church is a special encounter with God. We place a high value on this experience as a part of our regular church services.


  • To lead the people of Monument Hill Church in genuine, life-giving worship and to encourage worship as a lifestyle in the heads and hearts of believers.

  • To raise up quality musicians who will be worshipers first and foremost.

  • To provide a "family" of believers whose relationships and mutual encouragement will produce a healthy atmosphere for spiritual growth.

  • To develop leaders who receive experience and training in a local church setting.

  • To provide worship teaching through traditional class participation formats and experiential learning.

Opportunities to serve

We believe people who are well suited for worship ministry exhibit these two important characteristics: a heart for God and worship, and musical skill. If you have these things, we would love to have you audition to be a part of the worship ministry. Please contact our worship leader, Kara Giroux at

Areas of ongoing opportunity:

1) Musicians (Keyboards, Drums, Guitar, Bass, etc.)
2) Vocalists
3) Sound technicians
4) Video technicians