First Entry!

Good morning!  This is my first Pastor's Blog.  Michael Springer has helped me and "encouraged" me to write blogs for our new website-to-be.  For this I am grateful. I will therefore begin my blogging with one of my life verses, John 3:30. 

"He (God) must increase, but I must decrease." 

Sounds a bit ironic as I start a blog, and therefore increase my presence on the web!  Hmmm.  But He (God) knows my heart, and He knows that I write and speak and live for His Glory and not my own.  So, if you find yourself treasuring Christ more after reading this blog, then come back sometime soon for another post.  If not, don't waste your time here.   

Our church is growing.  Why?  Christ is lifted up here.  God's Word is treasured here.  This is a place of grace...real grace, not cheap grace.  God's grace and love and truth are taught and modeled at MHC.  Need a fresh start?  Come join some other pilgrims who realize that we need God's grace every day.  He will not disappoint you.   His grace is sufficient.  Treasure God today.  ALL for His glory and our joy in Christ!

Decreasing for His Increase,

Pastor Tom



Posted on July 22, 2013 .