Clearing the Fog


The fog this morning reminded me that some men walk around in a fog of what to do help their relationship with their wives.  We courted them years ago.  We pursued them. And one day she said "Yes!".  The wedding was awesome, and 10, 20, 30 years later, we are sometimes not sure how to keep loving our wives daily....the fog of jobs, kids, responsibilities and stuff, etc...blind us to the beauty right in front of us...this morning.  Waking up beside the woman God graciously provided is a covenant joy!

I read this article early today...made me see more clearly how thankful we should be for our wives...and mostly for God.  He opened our eyes to lasting love.  Perhaps some of these things will help you walk in the light of His love...and delight in the wife of your youth.  Enjoy....

Maybe you do all of these or only some.  But we all can do better.  Let us love well.  Like Christ.  And give up our lives for our wives.  That is a clear mission for today. 

Because we love our bride as Christ loves His,

Pastor Tom


Posted on October 29, 2013 .