October already...Leaves and Lives

October 2, 2013.  Already?  It is going to snow in Colorado this Friday...at least that's what "they" say.  The trees are beautiful.  The leaves are stunning.  Seasons are changing. The clock is ticking.  Life is short. Eternity is long.  My thought life leads here so often, and I wonder why.  Perhaps it's because God has called me to pastor one of His churches.  True.  But I thought like this before I was a pastor.  Every one of us has 24 hours, but some days I think I only have 22.  You?  So, if we all have the same amount of time, we need to make the most of that God-given time.  "Time gets away from us" too often.  Let's spend time each day with God.  And with our families.  And with God's people. And with people who need the Lord. 

I was going to read and study this morning while I had my old van worked on.  Four people sat near me in the waiting room during the few hours...and God allowed me to spend time with them. The Spirit led me to casually share my life, my faith, and my church with them.  None of them were rude to me, and all four seemed pleased to have the chat...just passing the time, ya know.

I thank God for time.  And seasons.  And life.  And leaves.  And lives.  Let's spend time loving God and loving others by spending time with them. Especially those within the church.  You encourage others in the church with your presence and with your godly living.  Let's spend some time together this Sunday.  Looking forward to seeing you church!  Time to go for now.  Bye. 


Posted on October 2, 2013 .