The Winds of Change

The Holy Spirit.  I was reminded this morning that God is God, and we are not.  Oh, I know, you would never think of yourself as God, but unfortunately, many people live as if he or she is the center of the universe.  Ever wonder how someone can be so self-centered one day, and then, something happens in life, and BAM! he is others-centered, perhaps even God-centered. This change is not natural.  It is supernatural. 

You can't think or plead or cry your way into this change...this life of faith.  The Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, draws self-centered people out of the darkness of their mirrors and into the light of the Son.  Oh, I know that thinking and praying and pleading and crying may accompany the weight of sin's recognition, but the change happens miraculously.  The Spirit draws one into the light of Gospel Truth...Jesus Christ. The Wind blows where He wills...and redeeming light dawns.  Remember the words of the old hymn... 


         I know not how the Spirit moves,

         convincing men of sin,

         revealing Jesus through the word,

         creating faith in him.


I love that truth...that Spirit. He points us to life.  To Christ.  Today when I am out in the wind, I am going to remember the breath of God.  God, who is my life, my breath, and thank Him for the Wind that pushed me into His forgiving and gracious arms.  Oh, to repent and believe the Gospel.  Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing Jesus through the Word, and creating faith in me.  

Posted on October 15, 2013 .