Adult Sunday School Classes:

(All classes meet Sunday Morning at 9:15am.)


Keith Powell  –  Currently studying the books of Exodus and Leviticus through the end of February.  Beginning in March we will move to 1&2 Corinthians. We are engaged in the Explore the Bible series that digs deep into the biblical, cultural, and archaeological context of Scripture. This study series enables one to fully understand what the bible says allowing the Word to dwell in us, thereby living it out in daily application. Contact info: 817-312-6193 or

Mike Woodward - Gospel Project. Contact info: / 303 250-7335

Melissa Clemmons – The Ladies Sunday School class begins at 9:15 Sunday morning. We are currently studying “How to Grow,” focusing on each attribute of the fruit of the Spirit and will finish with a look at perseverance. All ladies are welcome!  Contact info: 719-282-7600 or

Clint Armani and Ryan Carter  – "Apologetics" - a short course with curriculum from Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Contact info (Clint) 719-722-4469 or